Industry Solutions

Avitas Systems provides inspection and risk assessment solutions for various industries.

Oil and Gas

Avitas Systems solves important challenges for the oil and gas industry including: corrosion under insulation (CUI), fugitive methane emissions (FME) monitoring, identifying liquid leaks, predictive corrosion management, and process fouling.


Avitas Systems solutions for the power industry, including generation, transmission and distribution, consist of: “as-is” vs “as-built” design comparisons, asset defect identification, object detection (e.g., birds’ nests), and vegetation encroachment.

Proven Performance. Proven Efficiencies.

Solutions for Sempra Energy

Read the case study to find out how Avitas Systems helped Sempra Energy with cost savings and efficient vegetation management using enhanced data integration, advanced analytics, and machine learning.

Avitas Systems has proven experience performing automated and remotely monitored inspections for industrial infrastructure.